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Testosterone Suspension main properties

►A set of purely muscle mass ►Increase the power of sexual instinct ►Increase endurance and strength ►Increased muscle definition ►Drawing Muscles ►Fat burning effect

Suspension analogues according to the current in-wu.

Aquatest 100, Aquatest 100. Aquaviron, Aquaviron

Selection of the drug by manufacturer.

Aquatest 100 / Balkan Pharmaceuticals SRL, Moldova

Description and effect of suspension.

Suspension testosterone it is a purified testosterone that is dissolved in an aqueous suspension, which increases its effectiveness. The drug has a high androgenic and anabolic activity and this raises its level. It is very good because it immediately enters the bloodstream. The absence of esters ensures a half-life in just a couple of hours. In most cases, the drug is taken by athletes to increase muscle mass and strength.

The result is rigid, high-quality and relief muscles. Consumers will be able to notice the effect within a couple of days after the start of treatment.

Quite often, athletes notice its ability to express side effects. Also, the drug can only be taken by men, since in women it causes inevitable virilization.

This drug can be combined with other anabolic agents. It will not have any serious side effects if you follow the instructions. And of course, for the best result, you should follow a diet and systematic training.

The price of the drug is quite affordable. Its quality and efficiency are worth it.

Remember that we offer you only original products and at very competitive prices.

Suspension course.

Suspension is taken for 6 to 8 weeks, no more, because it can cause side effects. During this time, you will get an excellent result in the form of a set of muscle mass and muscle relief. The recommended dosage of the drug is from 50 to 100 mg per day. Each time you need to inject the drug in a new place.

Professional athletes combine the drug with other steroid drugs to get the best result.

When taking the suspension, it is also necessary to use anti-estrogens at the same time to reduce the risk of side effects. Remember that you prevent the risk by following the due dates and the indicated dosages.

You can read more about taking this and other drugs on our forum. Experienced athletes will tell you how and with what it is better to take the drug from their personal experience and will help you in compiling the correct intake of steroids and anabolic steroids.


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