Biotech IsoWhey Zero LACTOSE FREE 2270g


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Iso Whey ZERO lactose free from BioTech USA (Iso Way ZERO Biotech) WPI sports supplement, whey isolate, which is produced using deep cleaning. This substance undergoes the most powerful filtration at the micro level. BioTech Iso Whey ZERO lactose free is of great value among biological supplements, as it absorbs protein in the body as quickly as possible. This unique drug has become popular among athletes who seek to quickly get effective results and gain good muscle mass. Also great for those whose program is based on weight loss, as the preparation does not contain fats and carbohydrates, sugar and artificial oils. Iso Whey ZERO does not contain unnecessary substances that are superfluous for the body and adversely affect health. Each serving contains only pure protein.

Admission efficiency
A multifunctional and high-quality protein allows you to easily get the volume of muscle mass.

Protein from BioTech USA consists of a sufficient amount of amino acids, glutamine, which are necessary for the progression of the qualitative growth of the body.

This complex of drugs includes anti-catabolic and anabolic effects. Thanks to this drug, athletes have the opportunity to use modern means to obtain the desired result. Efficiency is guaranteed for professionals and beginners in this field.

Features of the drug
To increase muscle volume, the composition of the drug includes 22 grams of protein. It can be taken by people for whom lactose is contraindicated. Iso Whey Zero is an excellent choice for those who want to see progress and get an effective effect on muscle tissue.BioTech is a popular company that offers quality and effective products.

Usage and correct application
Iso Whey Zero from BioTech today can be appreciated by everyone. A popular American company offers a multifunctional and effective sports nutrition product that has a positive effect on stimulating the body to create excellent muscle mass. Protein isolate, which is produced on the basis of whey, is characterized by such positive properties:

&middot, effective and moderately fast acting,

&middot, passes microfiltration,

&middot, received a lot of positive results in the course of research,

&middot, does not contain proteins, carbohydrates, fats and trans fats,

In order to get only a positive result, you need to take the drug correctly. One 25 g dose should be mixed with 200 ml of water. Can be replaced with skim milk.

Iso Whey ZERO guarantees the most effective action in the shortest possible time.


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