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Buy Boldenone in Ukraine (Equipoise)

Boldenone is a steroid that came to bodybuilding from veterinary medicine. The excellent ability of this drug in increasing muscle mass and appetite could not be overlooked. If this vitamin could do well in the veterinary business, then it can prove itself no worse in building muscle in athletes. In practice, it happened, taking the Boldenone course was able to show excellent results and at the same time did not provoke the appearance of side effects.

Unfortunately, many athletes do not know what to buy Boldenone in Ukraine, this is a good replacement for those drugs that are not able to build high-quality muscles. Now more and more athletes are considering drugs that do not provoke severe fluid retention, and also do not increase the percentage of side effects. It makes no sense to use Nandrolone decanoate, which has glorified the world with continuous side effects and disappointments. Many athletes were not satisfied, because the rapid muscle growth, after the course of administration, was immediately accompanied by a rapid rollback, which is almost impossible to stop. These are the consequences of the high aromatization process, which shows all the negativity of dirty preparations.

Many believe that ordering Boldenone is equivalent to the same Deca, in terms of the strength of the anabolic effect, but much safer in terms of side effects. Definitely, Boldenone will be aware of a drug that will not provoke a side effect, due to its minimal aromatization process. Fluid retention will be present, but in a very minimal amount, it most likely acts as a factor in increasing muscle volume, making your muscles more round.Due to the minimal presence of water in your muscles on the course of Boldenone, Nandrolone decanoate will seem a little stronger in action, but this is only due to the presence of strong aromatization and nothing more.

Boldenone effect

The maximum beneficial effect of taking this drug can be obtained when combined with oral drugs. So do many athletes who have some experience taking vitamins. The frequently used course of Turinabol + Boldenone is able to build up high-quality muscles and strength while highlighting the relief and vascularity. This is a good way to quickly build muscle and not deflate after stopping anabolic steroids.

The effect of taking Boldenone solo depends directly on your dosages, because the drug is not particularly strong. Beginners often choose a course of 2 injections per week, resulting in 1 injection of 200 mg. on Monday, and the second 200 mg. on Thursday and so on for 6 to 8 weeks. This dosage is considered the most minimal and you should not count on colossal results. On a solo course, it is advisable to use Boldenone 3 times a week with a total dosage of 600 mg. (in Week). If your total body weight is more than 90 kg, you can think about 800 mg. drug per week. For maximum effect, it is still advisable to consider oral steroids for a more correct course.

After the course of Boldenone

After the course, you should count on muscle growth, an average of 4-5 kg, but this is an average. An athlete with good nutrition and proper mass training can show a more serious result.

After the course, the rollback will be the most minimal, because the drug is not able to accumulate a lot of fluid, which means that there will be nothing to merge.But still, our body needs to quickly recover and bring up the production of its own testosterone to a normal level. Definitely, the drug is able to lower the reproductive qualities of the male sex hormone, some do it, it is stronger, while others do not significantly. But in any case, it is better not to miss the moment of restoring the work of the body after the end of taking the drug, this always affects the preservation of the results. Clomid 20 tab., This is quite enough for post-course therapy after taking Boldenone. 1 tab. Every day for 20 days and you can be sure that the recovery of the body will be involved. Do not forget that the proposed drug is not strong, which is why you should not place an increased emphasis on the recovery procedure and consider Gonadotropin.


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