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Hygetropin in a pack of 10 vials 10 units., total content 100IU
Hygetropin is GMP certified. Received Hygetropin this certification in 2006.
Production is carried out at the Zhongshan BioPharm plant founded in 1995. Hygetropin has been manufactured for sale since 2001. Such a long period allowed to test and explore Hygetropin In full, thanks to its high quality and low price, Hygetropin has earned a good reputation and has become one of the leaders among synthetic growth hormones. Hygetropin is especially popular among bodybuilders, it is they who wrote positive reviews about Hygetropin – many athletes claim that Hygetropin has the best cost effectiveness.
Buy Hygetropin can be 50% cheaper than Jintropin or Ansomone. The purchase of this product will give you the opportunity to increase the effectiveness of your course, due to higher dosages of the drug

The freeze-drying technology of the lypholysate (Liophilisation) keeps the structure of GH stable and extends its shelf life. This means that when you buy Hygetropin, it has its own working properties.

Taking Hygetropin what result should be expected?

You will lose weight without dieting
You will gain lean muscle mass and lose fat at the same time
Your skin will be healthy and elastic
Your joints will be restored
You will rejuvenate the biological age of your body
The aging process will slow down
For all this, it is enough to buy Hygetropin in our store!

We have the best price for growth hormones in Ukraine!
We only sell original Hygetropin.
Fast delivery by New mail across all Ukraine.
Free shipping if you order 3 or more packs.
Free consultations and preparation of a course of taking drugs.

Many will be surprised by our low price for Hygetropin, but the answer is simple, we sell directly from China, bypassing dozens of suppliers buying from each other. That is why we have the lowest price for original Hygetropin.

You can buy Hygetropin at the lowest price on the market in our online store.

How to use Hygetropin?

In order to get comprehensive information about the use of HGH you can read articles on the internet.

In short, to significantly improve your physique you should use Hygetropin for 2-3 months every day. The first visible results appear after 2 weeks.

Dosage of Hygetropin depends on your goal.

To treat joints and improve skin condition – 1-2 IUs
Fat burning – 4 IUs
Dosage for muscle mass gain starts at 5 IUs and can go up to 20 during the day. Optimal 8-12 Ius


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