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Masteron stands out from the background of others with its high rate of androgenic activity. As you should be aware, in the rest of the drug this parameter is relatively low. We also note the ability of Masteron to slow down the process of aromatization, acting on the course as an aromatase inhibitor. This fact can be confirmed not only by scientific research, but also by masteron canada peptides reviews.

The drug is very popular among bodybuilders and is mainly used during drying to protect muscles from catabolic processes. In addition, the drug is very effective for increasing power parameters. It is for these reasons that many bodybuilders want to buy masteron canada peptides

Pharmacological profile of masteron canada peptides

Anabolic activity of 40 percent compared to the male hormone.
Androgenic activity is 130 percent compared to the male hormone.
The ability to convert into female hormones (aromatization) is absent.
The degree of load on the liver is absent.
Release form injection.
The duration of exposure to the body is from 2 to 3 days.
The time of detection of traces of the use of the drug using a doping test is about two weeks.
Positive qualities and effects of masteron canada peptides

Gives muscles extra relief.
Increases physical parameters.
Has fat burning properties.
It has aromatase inhibitor properties.
Methods of application and dosage of masteron canada peptides

The weekly dose of the steroid is 0.3 to 0.6 grams. In this case, it is necessary to administer the drug every third day. A safe masteron canada peptides cycle lasts about 2.5 months and this period should not be increased.Also, you can not use the drug and girls due to its high androgenic activity.

To get the maximum result on the course, the drug makes sense to use it simultaneously with others. Most often, builders use testosterone for this. This allows you to gain quality mass. If you need to dry your muscles well, then combine Masteron with Winstrol, Stanozolol, Trenbolone or Primobolan.


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