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The peculiarity of the drug Mix of 3 Trenbolone lies in the complex nature of the components of this drug. The active substance of the steroid consists of three components (3 esters of trenbolone acetate, enanthate and hexahydrobenzyl carbonate, which is also referred to in slang as hexa). Such components of the active substance of the steroid allow it to act for a long time, but the presence of acetate in the composition makes it possible to feel the effect within a short time after the injection of the drug. So, buying a trenbolone mix from Zhenzhou Pharma is recommended for those athletes who seek to eliminate the need for too frequent injections.

TRENBOLONE MIX course effects:

  • A huge set of lean muscle mass,
  • The appearance and subsequent maintenance of muscle stiffness,
  • Burning fat even with strength training, due to the synthesis of growth hormone,
  • Fast recovery after any type of training,
  • A dramatic increase in strength in any range of repetitions,
  • You can do rare injections,
  • There are no jumps in the hormonal arc and the corresponding side effects, including aggressiveness,
  • Can be used as a great solo course option,
  • Suitable for all levels, from beginners to pro bodybuilders,
  • It has no analogues in the steroid market.


For beginners, I recommend only the solo course. Dosages depend on the individual tolerance of different trenbolone esters. I recommend that you start with 300mg once a week. After 2 weeks, if necessary, you can increase the dosage to 450 mg.I would not connect additional preparations, since the power of TRENBOLONE MIX 150 is often quite enough.

For more experienced athletes, a semi-combined course scheme is suitable. In this case, up to 600 mg of this mixture of trenbolones is used once a week, and any 1 drug of choice for the background. This can be testosterone enanthate at a minimum dosage of 150-250 mg per week, or a mild oral steroid such as oxandrolone.

If you use trenbolone esters for drying, then stanozolol, preferably tablets, will suit you, although injections are also suitable. Dosage choose the minimum.

The duration of the course based on such mixatrenbolones is no more than 8 weeks. Unlike classic cycles with trenbolone, here you can use drugs for a longer time due to the huge half-life of hexahydrobenzylcarbonate. The minimum course duration is 6 weeks.

Side effects of TRENBOLONE MIX

More than 600 mg of this drug per week will cause acne, aggressiveness and nervousness. Some athletes note uncontrolled appetite, baldness of the head, a drop in libido, and even pressure drops. That is why I strongly advise you to follow the indicated dosage of trenbolone. In this case, trenbolone is safe.

It is worth noting that trenbolone in any form does not aromatize into female hormones, that is, it does not lead to gyno, however, huge dosages of 1000 mg or more in one week can cause gynecomastia due to the progestin activity of trenbolone. Pay attention.


Everything is standard here: Clomid and cabergoline. When combined with testosterone, buy anastrozole. PCT begins 10-14 days after the final injection.Do not buy tamoxifen, it is not suitable for trenbolone and deca due to their progestin activity.

The duration of PCT is 2 weeks. I recommend starting to inject gonadotropin in the last two weeks of the course. This will allow you to quickly restore fertility and testicular function, and accordingly reduce the rollback phenomenon.


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