Proviron 50mg Balkan Pharmaceuticals


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The main properties of Provimed Balkan

►Increased testosterone levels

►Stimulation of spermatogenesis

►Improve muscle relief

►Prevention of aromatization

Provimed Balkan description and effect

Proviron (aka mesterolone) is primarily a drug designed to prevent the aromatization of testosterone into estrogen. Quite often, athletes use it incorrectly, starting to use it immediately after the end of the steroid course itself, where its properties are practically not justified (there are, of course, some exceptions).

Its main function is to protect the athlete from the development of side effects (such as gynecomastia) on the course, while Proviron gives the muscles dryness, density, and rigidity.

Proviron is most often chosen by mid-level athletes, since professionals use more powerful drugs, but they also have courses with higher dosages and a large combination of the drugs themselves, respectively.

Mesterolone is a good drug that, if used correctly, will keep you healthy.


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