Scitec Nutrition Whey Isolate


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The effectiveness of the drug
The product from which whey protein is produced is high-quality and maximally pure milk. This composition of 100% Whey Isolate Scitec Nutrition promotes the delivery of substances to muscle tissue in a short time. This effect gives the maximum muscle gain in a short period of time. The drug has a good effect on the process of restoring the body, after the end of the course of taking the drug.

Unique composition

100% Whey Isolate Scitec Nutrition has a unique composition and includes:

&middot, energy value is about 90 kcal,

&middot, minimum fat and carbohydrates,

&middot, 21 grams of protein helps to achieve good results,

&middot, amino acids and glutamine,

&middot, total absence of sugar.

The drug contains ingredients that allow it to work positively in the body. The isolate undergoes the most thorough microfiltration. In addition to amino acids, L-glutamine, lactoglobulin, immunoglobulin, the preparation contains an acid regulator and a hydrolyzate.

Taking the drug
100% Whey Isolate is taken at a dose of 2-4 times a day, depending on individual indicators and the final result. One spoon that is in the kit is 25 grams of the drug. When training takes place, you need to drink one dose an hour before class and one after. It is recommended to use in the morning and in the evening, after and before going to bed.

For proper use, which will not cause a negative effect on the body and will give you the opportunity to get the maximum effect, you need to mix the drug with 300 ml of water. To maximize the active growth of muscle mass, you can increase the amount and dosage.


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