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The main properties of the drug Sustamed 250, Sustamed 250, Sustanon

►Significant weight gain

►Improve appetite

►Increased libido

►Development of endurance

► Strength increase

►Increase the intensity of training

Description and effect of Sustanon Sustamed 250

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Sustamed 250 (often called Sust or Sustanon by athletes) is a 4-component drug that contains testosterones with different absorption rates, which ultimately gives an effect immediately after injection and lasts for a long time (drug activity up to 3 weeks).

Sustanon is one of the most powerful steroids, which is mainly used for mass gain. It is very popular among athletes, since the injection can be done only once a week. However, for the evenness of the hormonal background, it is still recommended to divide the weekly dosage into 2 injections.

With the help of sustanon, many frail athletes turned into men, hair, coarsening and lowering of the voice, increased sexual desire, aggression, strength – all this is to be expected from this drug.

It is often combined with methandienone, which in turn gives a significant increase in strength and mass.

For an 8-10 week course, with proper nutrition, you can add more than 10 kg of weight.

The term of detection on doping tests is 3 months from the end of the course.


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