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Today we will talk about a steroid that has a pronounced effect and androgenic qualities, is widely used in courses designed for a quick increase in muscle mass and an increase in physical strength. The main component of the steroid Testoged enanthate is a testosterone ester. It is endowed with a long exposure time of about 3 weeks, with a half-life in the body occurring in 1 week. On the domestic pharmaceutical market, the drug is represented by a well-known manufacturer from the Republic of Moldova by Euro Prime Farmaceuticals. It does not require frequent injections, several times a week is enough. These vitamins have already been appreciated by many bodybuilders, weightlifters and athletes, representatives of martial arts and other sports.


The term of the anabolic inside the body of any athlete usually averages up to 15 days. In the case of passing the vitamin test, it can be detected in the blood for up to 3 months. Does not have a toxic effect on the normal functioning of the liver. Significantly suppresses the action of the hypothalamus-pituitary-testis axis on the course. It has a high level of aromatization. To avoid side effects, you should take special aromatase inhibitors. Buy Testoged enanthate Euro Prime Farmaceuticals in Ukraine is aimed at those athletes who are interested in a quick set of high-quality general muscles.

Effects of taking

The complex effect after the course includes a number of guaranteed results that can be obtained if taken correctly.These include a noticeable increase in the average quality of the muscles, an increase in the coefficient of physical strength and endurance, the elimination of existing discomfort in the joints, stimulation of regeneration processes, an increase in the oxygen mass of the blood, and the phenomenon of pumping. Also, there is an increase in the general vitality of any athlete, his mood improves, and the motivation for effective training increases.

Solo course and combined courses

Before planning a course of taking Testosterone solo, it is recommended to consult a specialist. This is especially true for beginners. The doctor, based on such important data as gender, age, experience in the field of sports and taking vitamins, will help adjust the average recommended doses and draw up an individual course. Usually a solo course lasts no longer than 2 months, that is, 8 weeks. The working weekly dosage of Testoged is 250-750 mg. Increasing the dosage is unjustified, and can only cause side effects.

Since the drug itself mainly works to increase the overall muscles, athletes use it in combination with other drugs to solve other tasks set for themselves. The bond with Trenbolone, Methandrostenolone and Nandrolone, Turinabol has proven itself to be excellent. In this case, the amount of each drug should be identical to the minimum dosage suggested for the solo course. When combining drugs, do not forget to purchase antiestrogens, as well as gonadotropin. In order to prevent the phenomenon of rollback, it is customary to use cortisol blockers as PCT. Practice shows that it is possible to achieve better results in the case of taking high-quality sports nutrition.

Side effects

Side effects are usually estrogenic in nature. But if you use the drug in an average working dosage and do not delay the course, you can usually avoid them. In other cases, such undesirable reactions from the body as gynecomastia, edema, acne, body fat, pressure surges are possible. Elimination of side effects is advised to be carried out, as mentioned above, by taking aromatase inhibitors and antiestrogenic agents.


Testoged enanthate has a huge army of fans in the sports environment. Thanks to this, numerous laudatory reviews are left about him after the course on various sites. We are talking about a small number of injections per week, which is very convenient. It is also possible to avoid the appearance of seals at the injection sites. It is well tolerated by any body, guaranteed to give a solid increase in muscle mass, allows you to become stronger, more resilient, more active, get motivated to conduct effective sports activities, reduce recovery time and energy levels between them.


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