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Testosterone Cypionate Ukraine

This steroid has a lot in common with Testosterone Enanthate. Cypionate injections do not need to be done too often. Due to its reasonable cost, the tool has become popular among athletes. It can be used both on a solo course and successfully combined with other AAS. The drug is guaranteed to promote body weight gain. But at the same time, it has a number of side effects, which include the conversion of cypionate to DHT – this is dihydrotestosterone. Its ability to form estrogens can lead to the development of gynecomastia in an athlete. But the above disadvantages are a normal component of the course aimed at gaining the desired body weight.

The right intake course for amateur athletes

It is recommended to use in an amount that is 200 mg only once a week. In order to get a quick effect, beginners often increase the dose by 300 mg plus the recommended one, and professional athletes even up to 1000 mg in total. The passage of a standard course of cypionate, as practical experience shows, contributes to excellent regeneration, but along the way provokes attacks of unmotivated aggression. The result of the reception is an increase in strength and muscles during the course of the drug. If you combine the remedy with other steroids, you can feel the androgenic effect.

Testosterone cypionate is a single ester drug with a prolonged action. The concentration in the blood occurs up to 48 hours, and the agent accumulates inside the fatty tissues. A simple course involves the introduction of 500 mg of the drug for 10 weeks.Experts advise novice athletes to try this tool. Simultaneously with an intensive increase in muscle mass, fat will begin to be deposited and unwanted fluid will be retained inside the body, but you should not be afraid of this. When choosing cypionate, there is no need to make daily injections, as is done when sustanon is preferred.

Cypionate is a simpler product than other long acting testosterone esters. Since side effects should be expected on the course of cypionate, its cancellation will not help you. It is recommended to administer Proviron, Clomid, Tamoxifen. They will help the athlete produce his own testosterone in the right amount. The degree of aromatization of Testosterone cypionate is higher than that of sustanon, but if you use the product simultaneously with Nolvadex or Clomid, undesirable effects should not occur.

Injections and dosages

Experts advise taking the drug at a dosage of 250-1000 mg. Here a lot depends on the physical condition of the athlete, whether he is a beginner or a professional, and so on. A stable level of the presence of the drug in the blood is provided by only 1 injection per week. In comparison, to get the same results, Sustanon should be administered much more frequently. If you are going to take a course of cypionate for the first time, it is worth using 500 mg of the drug for 10 weeks. At the end of the course, restorative therapy is required.

Side effects

After the end of the course, many athletes note the appearance of side effects such as the retention of unwanted fluid in the body.During the use of this drug, hair may grow in unusual places, normal pressure indicators may increase, and manifestations of aggression and irritability may be noted. The drug can only have a negative impact on the normal functioning of the liver if it enters the body in maximum doses.


Buy testosterone cypionate in Ukraine stands today because it helps everyone to effectively increase the required volume of muscles. And experts advise combining the remedy with any known steroids. In order to get the greatest effect for the body, it is recommended to correctly combine the drug, that is, use Dianabol, Primobolan, Deca-Durabolin, Equipose simultaneously with it, which have pronounced effects, as well as androgenic properties. In order to choose a drug for the optimal combination with cypionate, you should decide what kind of results you expect from the proposed course of vitamins. If you do not want fluid to accumulate inside the body, you should definitely take into account that drugs that include testosterone will only aggravate this phenomenon. Due to the ability to maintain a stable level of the drug in the blood and a long period of work, this drug is indispensable for beginner athletes.


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