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Testosterone Propionate SP LABS

This given anabolic steroid is an excellent representative of modern pharmaceuticals. He has earned the love of bodybuilders, enforcers and other athletes. Testosterone propionate, popularly known as propik, experts call the fast form of ether. Allows you to get a high-quality increase in muscles or to carry out an effective drying of the physique. The use of the drug involves frequent injections. If the course is designed correctly, the rollback phenomenon can most often be avoided.

Pharmacological profile

Anyone can buy Testosterone Propionate SP LABS in Ukraine today. The drug is endowed with a high degree of anabolic activity in the amount of 100% of testosterone. It has the property of converting to estrogen, therefore, it is required to take antiestrogen preparations in order to exclude the phenomenon of aromatization. The term of work inside the body is 2 3 days. It is found in the blood within 40 days after the end of the course. Significantly suppresses the hypothalamus-pituitary-testicular axis. Does not adversely affect the functioning of the liver.

Effects of taking

The effects after the course of Propik are a significant increase in quality muscles, an increase in the coefficient of physical strength and endurance, the delicate removal of unnecessary fat, and stimulation of the secretion of insulin-like growth factor. There is also an increase in sex drive. Thanks to the correct intake of this vitamin from a well-known pharmaceutical company on the market, it is possible to obtain a presentable relief and surprisingly hard muscles.Propionate is guaranteed to reduce the risk of a heart attack, as well as the possibility of developing coronary heart disease. The drug begins its work inside the body almost instantly, but after a few days the concentration of the active substance returns to its original level.

Solo and combination course

The solo course is recommended even for novice athletes. You need to start with an average dosage of about 50 mg. By controlling how the body perceives this drug, you can increase the dose. The standard working amount of the drug is 50-100 mg every second or third day of the course. The duration of the course should not exceed 8 weeks. Elimination of side effects is carried out by taking aromatase inhibitors. The drug can be used by women in the amount of 25 mg every 5 to 7 days. If even slight signs of virilization appear, it is better to stop taking the drug. PCT consists of taking Tamoxifen.

If we talk about the combination of propionate with other steroids, then in the period of preparation for responsible performances, his bundle with Stanozolol proved to be excellent. The amount of the latter is 15-35 mg per day. When choosing Primobolan, the dosage varies between 50 and 150 mg per day. When using Oxandrolone, 15-30 mg of the drug daily is sufficient. When the goal of an athlete is to get hard muscles, it is advised to combine Testosterone with Halotestin or Trenbolone esters.

Side effects

If you correctly draw up a course, do not exceed the dosage and do not delay it longer than it should, you can avoid side effects.Otherwise, redness of the skin, an increase in the level of aggression, irritability, the appearance of acne or acne, baldness, excessive hair growth, prostate hypertrophy, and masculinization phenomena in women are possible. The effects associated with an increase in the amount of estradiol, such as water retention inside the body or the risk of gynecomastia, can be avoided if, in parallel with taking the main steroid, take exemestane or anastrozole. These drugs have an inhibitory effect on aromatase.


Reviews confirm the possibility of guaranteed increase in overall musculature, get a solid and presentable relief, increase physical and strength performance. Side effects can be avoided if you follow all the recommendations for taking the steroid. As the practical experience of many athletes shows, the drug does not have a detrimental effect on liver function, has an excellent fat-burning effect, and increases the level of sexual desire. It is possible to get out of the so-called hormonal pit with minimal losses, which often occurs when using the drug in excessive dosages or in combined courses, with the help of boosters.


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