CP lab Lipo fire 100 mg/ml 10ml


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►Local fat burning in problem areas

►Anti-catabolic effect

►Non-steroid drug

►Pronounced fat burning effect

Lipo-Fire SP Laboratories description and effect of Lipo-Fire SP Labs

The main feature of this drug is local fat burning in problem areas! It contains Clenbuterol (athlete's jargon for "maple") and was originally developed to treat asthma. As well as Yohimbine, known for its fat burning properties. This combination allowed us to get impressive results, both for non-athlete girls in problem areas, where fat is the worst to lose, and for professionals. At the moment, it is often used by athletes of different levels to achieve maximum muscle relief. Thanks to this drug (proper nutrition and training), many fat carcasses have become a role model for normal athletes.

It is used not only for weight loss, but also on the course itself, to give the body maximum muscle rigidity, or at the end of the course, to consolidate the gained kilograms and reduce cortisol levels. For the full effect of clenbuterol, you should follow certain rules in nutrition, saturate the diet with proteins and lower the amount of carbohydrates to the desired level, use a training program with a bias in cardio loads. This drug has side effects such as trembling, which often manifests itself in the first days of taking. Actually here ketotifen comes to the rescue, which should be used at night. Like any other fat burner, clenbuterol increases perspiration.


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