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PharmaTest P 100 Pharmacom Labs, nicknamed the dinosaur in the world of sports for its powerful and instant action. This suspension differs from all other preparations in that it does not contain a binding ester. Thus, it turns out that the ampoule contains pure testosterone. After the introduction of the solution, there is an almost instantaneous effect, due to which many athletes use it immediately before the competition. The drug is excreted from the body during the day.

The active substance is testosterone propionate, the concentration of which in one vial is 100 mg / ml. Release form 10 ml bottles.

The drug has a powerful effect on the body, due to which there is an instant increase in muscle mass and an increase in strength indicators. Due to the short time action, only one or two days, it is popular for use immediately before the competition among athletes of power sports in powerlifting, bodybuilding, triathlon. Unlike its counterparts, testosterone propionate contributes to less accumulation of fluid in the body of an athlete, with a consistently high effect. Excreted from the body depending on the dose of 100 mg for two days, 250 mg for about two weeks. The effect of taking is noticeable the very next day after the injection. There is an increase in appetite, cheerfulness, pumping and an increase in strength indicators.

It is impossible to buy pharmaceuticalst P in a regular pharmacy or sports stores. To do this, you need to use the services of specialized online stores. The price of testosterone propionate by Pharmacom fully corresponds to the quality.When ordering a drug from trusted suppliers who cooperate directly with the manufacturer, an absolute guarantee of quality, anonymity and safety for health is provided.

Action PharmaTest P 100
Due to the fact that the concentration of the active substance PharmaTest P 100 reaches 100%, the advantages of its use are:

The pronounced effect of taking Pharmatest begins to appear the very next day. Due to the fact that the drug has a rapid effect on the body, there is an assumption that the most pronounced effect will appear at the injection site. This is not a correct and erroneous opinion, since a pronounced asymmetric or local muscle hypertrophy can occur from such a behavior of the drug.

Gain in strength over a short period of time

Shortened recovery period

Ability to sustain aerobic exercise and increase endurance

Increased libido

Improving the quality of muscle mass relief and rigidity

Manifestation of fat burning effect

Compared to other drugs that contain testosterone ester, PharmaTest P 100 does not contribute to water retention in the body, which means that only lean muscle mass is gained. During the course of taking the drug, a weight gain of five kilograms is noted. It is recommended to buy testosterone propionate for course use by professional athletes. Beginners in the world of big-time sports need to inject after receiving an experienced consultation.

The duration of the course and dosage depends on the physiological characteristics of the athlete and, depending on this, can be one and a half months with daily injections.

How to take PharmaTest P 100

The use of PharmaTest P 100 is acceptable both in a solo course and in combination with other steroids to improve the final results at the end of the course. How to take pharmatest p 100? For a high-quality set of dry muscle mass, a bunch of testosterone propionate with drugs such as nandrolone is perfect. The addition of metolone to the course of pharmatren will help to achieve an increase in leaner and more pronounced muscle mass. For the quality of the muscles, the drug is often combined with products that are made on the basis of boldenone.

The recommended dosage is 100-200mg. Injections are given every other day or every three days, depending on the tasks. The maximum activity of the substance in the body manifests itself within a few hours after the injection and lasts for a maximum of two days.

The recommended dose for women is 25-50mg every six days. Such an amount and frequency of testosterone administration protects the female body from the possible risk of virilization effect, which is characterized by a decrease in the timbre of the voice, an increase in hair on the face and body, a change in body proportions.


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