Oxymetholone ZPHC (10 ml) – injectable


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Oxymetholone (known as Anadrol and Anadrol) is a powerful synthetic anabolic steroid. first developed by Syntex Pharmaceuticals in the 1960s. The drug was intended to treat anemia and osteoporosis, as well as to stimulate muscle growth in debilitated patients.


  • A pronounced increase in muscle mass (up to 15 kg per 1 course). After the end of the course, a strong rollback effect occurs for which up to 30% of the gain is lost.
  • Significant increase in strength indicators
  • Proper combined use enhances the effect of other anabolic hormones as well as your own testosterone.
  • Helps burn fat, especially in the belly area

Zhengzhou Oxymetholone during exercise causes a significant increase in the volume of red blood cells (erythrocytes) in the blood and increased oxygen flow to the muscles. Taking oxymetholone several times increases muscle endurance. After several approaches during training, the athlete does not feel tired. In addition, oxymetholone provides a quick pumping effect on the muscles of a certain group, and, after a minimum number of approaches, the muscles are so clogged that athletes move on to training other muscle groups.

Zhengzhou Oxymetholone with an illiterate construction of the cycle, everything gained can quickly disappear, that is, the use of Zhengzhou Oxymetholone implies that the athlete has quite a lot of experience in cycling and an understanding of which drugs the body of this particular athlete will be able to keep those gained on Zhengzhou Oxymetholone.The classic cycle option is to take Zhengzhou Oxymetholone in an increasing pattern for 4-6 weeks in combination with some highly anabolic injectable drug, and then switch to any of the powerful injectable testosterone options (sustanon, omnadren, testosterone enanthate) and methandrostenolone. If you break the cycle immediately after the cancellation of Zhengzhou Oxymetholone, the body will quickly return to its original form.


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