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PharmaSUST 300 main properties of the drug

Test. Mix (it is often called Sust or Sustanon by athletes) Sust components have different absorption rates, which ultimately gives an effect immediately after injection and for a long time after (drug activity up to 3 weeks).

This is one of the most powerful steroids, which is mainly used for mass gain. It is very popular among athletes because the injection only needs to be done once a week.

With the help of sustanon, many frail athletes turned into men, hairiness, coarsening and lowering of the voice, increased sexual desire, aggression, strength, this is to be expected from sustanon.

It is often combined with methandienone, which in turn gives a significant increase in strength and mass.

► Significant weight gain

► Improves appetite

► Multiplying the power of sexual instinct

►Develops endurance

► Strength increase

►Increase the intensity of training


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