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Key properties of PRIMOGED EPF

►A set of quality mass ►Applicable for women ►Drawing muscles ►Fat burning ►Does not aromatize

Primobolone (aka prima in jargon of athletes) is very common among women, it is one of the few drugs that practically does not give the female gender side effects. It is a fairly mild steroid among its injectable counterparts. It does not retain water and gives a quality mass that grows gradually and efficiently. It perfectly copes with fatigue after training, accelerates recovery, improves the general condition of the athlete, which in turn makes it possible to work out more intensively and get better results. Primobolone depot is popular far beyond the gym and strength training, it is often used by boxers, wrestlers and athletes from athletics, because it grows muscles and does not transfer the athlete to another weight category. From the course of prima, you should expect about 3-4 kg of gained weight, which will stay with you for a long time if you eat right and have a good rest (no muscles will remain with you without normal sleep). I often resort to its use by entry-level athletes who have already completed 1-2 courses of the tablet form and want to confidently progress further. The term of detection on doping tests is 6 months from the end of the course.

How to take Primobolan EPF in bodybuilding

For weightlifters, dosages start at 400 mg per week and last for 8 weeks. Prima is combined with the test. entanate, with methandienone, turinabol with almost anything. An excellent course for the mass will be 8 weeks long and the composition: primobolone 400 mg per week, (put 200 mg at a time), test. entanate 500 mg (set 1 time per week) and methandienone 40 mg each In BB, primobolone is most often used to improve the relief and increase quality meat, in combination with winstrol. A course to improve relief and add a little weight, 6 weeks long, priming 200 mg per injection, put 2 times a week (400 mg per week), put Winstrol every other day at 50 mg at a time. The minimum dosage for boxers and wrestlers can be considered 300 mg of the drug per week. for 8 weeks, adding turinabol here at 30 mg a day with an even background, you will get 4-5 kg ​​of quality mass, better recovery after hard training and an increase in endurance, speed. 3 weeks after the course, PCT should be started.


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