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Description Stanozolol Suspension "ZPHC"

Anabolic drug of wide action Stanozolol ZPHC for muscle relief

Stanozolol Suspension ZPHC is used as a means to accelerate the process of building muscle mass, to quickly gain weight and to improve the physical performance of an athlete. A feature of the tool is the ability to qualitatively improve the external relief of the muscles and accelerate the recovery of the body after prolonged exertion.

Characteristics of the drug

Initially, the drug was developed for use in veterinary medicine, they treated weak animals. It was also used in medicine for postoperative recovery of patients. This was the standard practice of the 60s, and already in the 80s, the stanozolol suspension became popular among athletes, as it gave clear indicators of body relief.

In power sports, the drug was fixed after it was revealed that there was no aromatization and water retention in the body after its use. These properties exclude the phenomenon of rollback, which is important for qualitative progress and preservation of indicators.

The increased activity of the drug is due to its active substance stanozolol. Due to the low level of androgenic activity, Stanozolol ZPHC is approved for use by both men and women of all ages. Women prefer to use it not only as a means to build up active mass, but also as a powerful fat burner.

The effect of the drug

The drug Stanozolol, or as it is also called Stan ZPHC, contributes to:

  • Rapid lean body mass gain

  • Accelerates the recovery of the body (reduces this period by 2 times),

  • Increases power performance

  • Rapid removal of excess fluid and mucus from the body,

  • Achieving maximum relief of muscles,

  • Burning subcutaneous fat,

  • Increasing the tone of the body.


Due to its characteristics, the drug will be useful for both novice athletes and professional athletes. For beginners, it is especially important to strictly adhere to the recommendations for taking the drug, without violating dosages.

How to use

The drug is used by both women and men. The dosage is different – it all depends on the personal data and experience of the athlete himself (height, weight, possible diseases, degree of load, etc.).

The dosage of the drug may also vary depending on the drugs used on the course itself.

Recommended daily dosage of the drug: 50 mg daily.

For athletes focused on increasing endurance performance (athletes, boxers, swimmers), 10-20 mg per day is enough.


Reviews say that the drug is as safe as possible for health. With its effectiveness, it does not cause a rollback and does not affect the liver. Negative consequences are possible only with a strong excess of the dosage.


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