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Balkan Tamoximed is a medicine whose beneficial properties make it quite popular among many active athletes around the world. This substance is commonly known under the trade name Nolvadex. Decreased estrogen levels are probably the main reason why Tamoximed is so widely used in the bodybuilding industry. Pharmaceutically, the composition acts as an antiestrogen or as a selective estrogen receptor modulator.

Balkans Tamoximed 20tabs are manufactured by Balkan Pharmaceuticals and contain tamoxifen citrate as the main active ingredient. The main reason for the active athlete who resorts to tamoxifen treatment is the product's ability to fight breast, kidney and endometrial tumors in women who are in the pre- or postmenopausal period.

This Balkan product can be considered one of the most beneficial for athletes and bodybuilders. This is because it helps them prevent unwanted effects such as water retention and gynecomastia, which are usually the result of elevated estrogen levels.

Interested bodybuilders should remember that Balkan tamoximedes 20 tablets manufactured by Balkan only act as an estrogen antagonist and cannot prevent the aromatization process. To purchase this highly effective product at the most affordable prices, visit our online store at SPORT PHARMA.COM

Tamoximed can also increase the natural production of human hormones such as luteinizing and follicle stimulating hormones.Thus, this drug provides an increase in testosterone production and is a pretty good solution for those athletes who are about to start treatment after a cycle.

Dosage of Balkan tamoximes

The average dose of Balkan Tamoximed is 20 mg or 1 tablet per day, but this can be adjusted, for example, according to your doctor's recommendations.

Some bodybuilders prefer to stack Tamoximed with Proviron for a stronger effect.

Postoperative therapy, including Tamoximed, can be started 4-14 days after the last injection of the vitamin preparation. In the case of short acting esters, post-cycle therapy is usually started earlier than after the use of long acting esters.

Tamoximed is a drug intended for oral use. It is generally recommended to take this product once a day, preferably before or after a meal. To buy this effective medicine at the best prices, please visit our online store SPORT PHARMA.COM

To minimize possible side effects, it is not recommended to take this Balkan product along with Deca or Trenbolone.

Along with this, interested bodybuilders should remember that post-graduate treatment should be started as soon as they have completed their pharmacological cycle in order to maintain the results achieved and avoid the so-called crush effect.

Side effects of Balkan tamoximes 20 tablets

The main side effect that bodybuilders can expect from Tamoximed is the prevention of bone loss through osteoclast inhibition. In fact, this effect can be considered positive.However, this medicine can prevent osteoporosis, which is an important property for active bodybuilders.

In general, only a few and rather mild side effects have been reported after taking the Balkan tamoximeds. Occasionally, patients may report episodes of nausea, hot flashes, or vomiting.

Interested bodybuilders should be aware that high doses of this medication may provide the opposite effect, which will increase estrogen levels rather than decrease it.


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