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Testirox P – Description and application

Testirox P (Testosterone Propionate) from Cipla is a testosterone ester based product. The active substance of testosterone is propionate. According to statistics, this is one of the most popular steroid among athletes. It is rapidly eliminated from the body and has a short duration due to its short ester chain.

Testirox P is often taken by athletes just before a competition.

Effects of taking Testirox P

Increase in muscle mass,

fat burning effect

Improving the relief of muscles,

Increase in strength indicators,

Increased sexual desire on the course of the drug,

Reducing the risk of coronary disease and ischemia of the heart,

A feature of propionate is its short duration of action. With properly selected dosages, Testirox P does not retain water in the body and allows you to gain high-quality muscle mass. If we compare the drug with enanthate (a long-acting ester), propionate allows you to get leaner muscles, although the increase cannot be called rapid. Thus, propionate is most often used by bodybuilders on a cutting course, and enanthate is most often used when gaining muscle mass.

Testirox P is the most gentle form of testosterone and is suitable for athletes of all skill levels.

How to take Testirox P from Cipla?
Beginners may well be limited to a solo course of the drug. It should be taken in dosages of 100 to 200 milligrams every 3 days or every other day. This amount of substance is enough to provide an inexperienced athlete with a significant effect.In minimum dosages, Testirox P is recommended for endurance sports.

The pharmacokinetics of the drug is such that its maximum concentration in the blood is observed 1-2 days after administration. On the third day, the level of testosterone in the blood decreases significantly, and by about 5 reaches the initial value.

The course of Testirox P lasts from 4 to 8 weeks. At high dosages, it is recommended to take antiestrogenic drugs. Aromatase inhibitors or Tamoxifen should be included in the course from the second week and taken until the end of use, or as post-cycle therapy.

How to take Testirox P with other AAS?
Drying courses recommend combinations with trenbolone acetate, primobolan, masteron and stanozolol. You can also use Testirox P for weight gain, but this is far from the most effective drug for this. Testosterone propionate is very quickly converted into dihydrotestosterone and estrogens, and therefore, at high dosages and an improperly designed intake regimen, it can cause a number of androgenic side effects: baldness, masculinization in women, prostate enlargement, hirsutism (increased body hair growth), gynecomastia and acne. To avoid side effects from Testirox P, stick to the recommended course and do not overdosing.


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