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The drug Anastrozole

Aromatase inhibitors in bodybuilding are very popular. This is due to the ability of these drugs to eliminate the negative effects of aromatizing AAS. Among the representatives of the class of aromatase inhibitors, Anastrozole enjoys the maximum popularity.

Properties and characteristics of Anastrozole

The drug belongs to the third generation of aromatase inhibitors and is able to reduce the concentration of female hormones by an average of 75-90 percent of the initial level in a short time. Largely due to such high performance, many athletes decide to buy Anastrozole. Among the positive effects of the active substance of the same name antiestrogen can be identified:

In a short time reduces the level of estrogen. It has a high absorption rate. Is not a steroid. Indirectly contributes to the increase in the concentration of the male hormone.

Since the drug is able to influence the aromatization process, you should order Anastrozole directly for use on the course of anabolic steroids with estrogenic activity. But the use of an inhibitor during rehabilitation therapy seems inappropriate. The fact is that after the abolition of AAS, bodybuilders first of all need to restart the pituitary arch. Anastrozole cannot do this. An excellent confirmation of all of the above can be reviews of Anastrozole.

Features of the use of Anastrozole in bodybuilding

You can start using the antiestrogen in the second or third week of the course as a prophylactic. Also, some athletes use the drug only after the first symptoms of side effects appear.This is due to the fact that the aromatization process is to a certain extent necessary for mass gain. Thus, it cannot be completely suppressed. If it was decided to use Anastrozole as a prophylactic, then every second day you just need to take 0.25-0.5 mg. If side effects have already appeared, then take 1 mg tablets every day.

The first scheme seems to us more attractive. The fact is that gynecomastia tends to accumulate. Thus, it is better to prevent the appearance of symptoms of this disease. In conclusion, we note that it is better to take the tablets on an empty stomach. This will allow you to increase the effectiveness of the drug. Although Anastrozole is almost completely devoid of its own side effects, an overdose should not be allowed.


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