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Throughout the day, muscle mass is broken down and rebuilt. Thus, the process of catabolism and anabolism occurs. During training, the level of decay increases as the body is subjected to greater stress and injury. In order to avoid such consequences, taking protein preparations is a good choice. They help produce new and repair existing muscle fibers. Thanks to this, you will be in a constant tone, and recovery will be faster and easier.

Impact Whey Protein contains 21 grams of protein. This drug helps to achieve the desired effect.

Drug development
The product is made from the highest quality cow milk whey. The diet of animals includes only fresh grass. The preparation contains all the necessary amino acids, glutamine, vitamins and minerals. It contains a very small percentage of fat and carbohydrates, about 1%. The substance dissolves well, which makes it convenient to use. Impact Whey Protein is a whey-based protein preparation that guarantees quality and a favorable price-performance ratio. The important point is that the drug is widely in demand due to the fact that it also includes macronutrients.
The effectiveness of the drug
This drug is an excellent support for athletes in different sports. It is accepted by professionals and amateurs. The main qualities are in the following features:

&middot, the intake of a large amount of protein in muscle tissue,

&middot, the work of the drug throughout the day,

&middot, a large percentage of protein,

&middot, the growth of muscle mass and the preservation of the result.

The protein is designed for people with an active lifestyle. For athletes and beginners, protein is a necessary element of supplementation in the diet. It is designed to help the body, build mass and restore muscle tissue.

Application of the drug
It is necessary to make a mixture of 25 grams of protein and water. Water can be replaced with milk. The maximum effect can be obtained if taken half an hour before or after training. It is allowed to use during snacks to increase the amount of protein consumed. Before going to bed, it is better to dissolve the drug in milk. This will slow down the process of accelerating assimilation.

The drug is produced in a huge assortment of flavors, so everyone can choose for themselves what suits them best.


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