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This 100% Whey Protein product from Scitec Nutrition features a special and unique microfiltration that makes it a high quality and indispensable product. This is a concentrated substance containing a high percentage of quality whey-based protein.

The drug is widely used by athletes in the field of bodybuilding and athletics. It has long become popular in sports pharmacology. It contains immunoglobulin, which boosts the immune system and produces glutathione in the human body. Glutathione is the strongest natural antioxidant.

100% Whey Protein contains quadropeptides. They completely block the process of catabolism. The complex of amino acids makes up almost 50% of anabolics. Energy value is about 120 kcal. The preparation practically does not contain fats, carbohydrates and sugar. But the protein is 22 grams per serving.

It is characterized by the lowest content of lactose, in contrast to similar drugs. However, it differs positively in the composition of L-glutamine, which is considered a powerful type of amino acid for gaining muscle mass. The concentration of this formula allows you to get an effective result compared to other protein sources.
Application of the drug

For those who need a diet and a high protein content in the body, 100% Whey Protein should be taken according to this scheme:

  • drink before meals
  • can be taken before bed
  • the number of doses from 1 to 4 per day.

It is better to dissolve the drug in water. Depending on the result and individual indicators, you can adjust the dosage and number of doses.


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