Olimp Provit 80 700g


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Provit 80 is a high protein product from Olimp, which has been developed specifically for the category of people who need additional protein intake. These are athletes, people leading an active lifestyle, who are in rehabilitation after any illness.

The composition of Olimp Provit 80 includes easily digestible proteins, which include soy isolate, whey protein and a set of amino acids necessary for the body. Each athlete is well aware of the great load a person receives on the body during heavy loads. To get real results, you need to spend several hours in the gym. It takes all the strength and energy. With such physical activity, the body simply needs to be nourished and maintained with special supplements.

Olimp Provit 80 is a source of those important substances that are so necessary for its proper functioning. Peptides, polypeptides, free-form amino acids that maintain a positive nitrogen balance, L-carnitine, choline and inositol, which improve metabolic processes. Also important components are chromium and molybdenum, which are responsible for managing metabolism during intense training.


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