OSTROVIT WPC80.eu – 2270 G


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OSTROVIT WPC80.eu is a purified whey protein. The manufacturing technology of the additive involves the use of the ultrafiltration method, which removes non-protein components and pasteurized whey, which ensures a high degree of purification. The finished product contains more than 80% protein. Whey protein is the most complete type of protein, which contains important amino acids of an indispensable type.

Fast absorption rate, allows you to take the product even after intense physical activity, which contributes to muscle growth and muscle tissue recovery after training. Also, whey protein can be taken by people who want to get rid of excess weight, it has the ability to burn fat. For every strength athlete, weight gain is very important. It is dry muscle mass that creates beautiful reliefs that any athlete strives for so much. OSTROVIT WPC80.eu is an excellent option for an additional source of protein, which will not only ensure optimal growth of muscle tissue, but also restore the strength and energy of the body after exhausting physical activity.


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